I have never felt a Thanksgiving and Christmas season like this one. Maybe it is because I am getting older and the number of holidays I have witnessed is increasing so I have more to compare. Whatever the case, I do not feel the normal rush of energy, but I do feel the hesitation in people as they decide what is important this Holiday Season. I hear the pounding of heart beats as people wait to see what the political climate will reveal. I see people watching to see if the economy will reveal more light or dark spots. I listen as people anticipate when another mass shooting or bomb will happen. I watch people as they look for hope and ask the hard question about their purpose in these difficult times.

Do you see what I mean? As I sit here reflecting on the glimpses of people’s lives, I am reminded that the feelings I am sensing this Christmas season reflect feelings many faced long ago with the birth of a baby in a manger. Christmas is about anticipation. As Christians we remember the birth of baby Jesus into a world struggling with social, political and economic problems; just a different time. The level of anticipation was reflected in a struggling people. Jesus was the Messiah, so many needed to encounter, but many missed.

The anticipation is what Christians need to be reminded about each year. It is easy to get distracted during the Christmas season and get caught up in the search for the perfect gift or organizing the perfect Christmas meal or gatherings with too much talk about problems. However, can you imagine those shepherds in the field or the three kings as they followed a star and then each approaching the presence of a baby who was and is King of all kings, our Lord and Savior? The anticipation of Christ's return should drive our Christmas season. You will see Christ face to face one day, are you anticipating that day? Can you imagine?

Gina and I love each one of you. We pray and thank God for you. Our prayer is that your heart would beat in anticipation of Christ's return. Let us spend this Thanksgiving and Christmas season sharing the good news of Christ with family, friends, and those who God brings across our path. We pray Christ's blessings over you this day and every day. Remember the reason for the season is Christ.



God’s Blessings! Pastor Tim cell: (209) 338-7318