Summer is in full swing as we try to convince ourselves to enjoy the 100+ temperatures and pray for the evening cool off. With the hot temperatures come the blessings found in a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables flowing from our local farmers. You might also find yourself on a summer road trip enjoying other areas of our state and country. Regardless of where we find ourselves during the hot summer days, remember to give thanks to God for the blessings of each new day and the adventure that awaits us to love our neighbor. God will reveal areas daily where God desires us to be faithful and live a life which reveals our faith in Christ.

As a disciple of Christ, we also need to grow. I often get busy in my summer schedules and forget I need to refuel my spiritual life by reading Scripture daily, praying beyond my own needs, and loving my neighbor. The challenge surrounding business is we forget to check our blind spots. Our Christian blind spot is much the same as the blind spot we have when driving a car. As a driver, I can find myself becoming distracted and busy while driving my car and forget about the blind spots. The blind spot is that area in which a driver cannot see a potential problem in the mirrors or by a simple glance side to side. The blind spot requires the driver to look over their shoulder to pick up a potential problem.

With the advancement in technology, we now have cars with warning devices that alert drivers about the blind spot. Someday they might invent a device that warns Christians about their blind spots. All we really have today is a calendar or text alerts on our phone or computer reminding us to read Scripture or a daily devotional. Christian alerts are helpful because Scripture reveals for us the way we should go. The challenge is we each have unique blind spots. Computer algorithms can predict our preferences to buy or watch something, yet they are not fine-tuned to point out the sin that chases us. Sin finds itself to our blind spot regardless of our efforts to do and be good. When sin gets in our blind spot and we forget to check, we can have a major wreck.

The blind spot can only be ignored so long. Debt is one of those blind spots plummeting this country into a big wreck. Debt is easy to acquire, and if we are not careful and just keep focusing on the new things coming, we can find ourselves in trouble. One of the ways I work on my debt blind spot is to make sure I give joyfully and abundantly to God’s work. The only way I have found possible to keep that commitment is to write out a budget listing out expenses and the areas I feel God is calling me to give. When something new comes out that I think I must have, I weigh it against the areas God has called me to give, and often walk away from something new so that I stay committed to the areas God is calling. That is not to say that I could not have charged the new thing and paid for it over years, but that is the blind spot that can fill up with charging, and before I know it, I look over my shoulder to observe a train wreck overtaking my life. Finances are just one area of our spiritual life that require us to watch our blind spots.

Remember to watch those blind spots this summer and I pray we all stay focused on the areas God is calling us to serve.



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