My travels this summer confirmed in my mind that there are too many cars on the roads. Seemed like I spent more time in slow or stopped traffic. Merging traffic became my driving nightmare! I understand the purpose of merging traffic, but the execution leaves much to be desired. Maybe someday, as autonomous driving becomes the standard and computers calculate and adjust for the merge, it will be executed with ease, but today it is a disaster. Traffic signs are designed to help people prepare to merge, but individual emotions and different purpose driven people were never calculated into the equation.

The church should be designed to help people find their place to serve and grow in their journey with Jesus. The merging together with a shared purpose to love others as Christ loves us tends to get lost, at times, in the busyness of life. The church is inviting people to merge their lives into a relationship with Jesus. The challenge for us today is, many people are traveling so fast on the highway of life, they miss the signs meant to guide them into that relationship. They may not even realize until a crisis, that they need a relationship with other Christians, not to mention especially with Jesus.

The disciples were caught off guard with the invitation to follow Jesus, as are many in today’s cultures. They did not see the sign to merge into something called Christianity. They led a first century Jewish life with plans of providing for their families. Jesus made the space for them and then simply invited them to join. He did not force them and they willingly accepted the invitation into His space. They grew in faith and eventually invited others into a space to form a relationship with Jesus.

Regardless if you have merged your life with Jesus’ plan for your life or if you are still looking to discover how life can merge with Jesus, you are called to make space for others. People who are in crisis need to be invited into space where they can discover Jesus. Do not feel like you have to solve a person’s crisis, but rather open up space for them to discover Jesus’ solution for their life.


Church is all about a relationship with Jesus, but our challenge is how we make space for others to merge in and discover Jesus. We need to create unique physical space as well as spiritual space. The most important component of discipleship is creating a space where people feel safe and invited. That space is not always at the building. Do you have a resource of space in your life for other people to use, in order to merge into a life with Jesus?


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