There are people I admire like Mother Theresa. They are the people who gave up self and committed totally to a life of sacrifice for others. What she and others have done to reflect God’s love in hurting places of the world is to be admired. Unfortunately we cannot all be Mother Theresa. While I admire her and many others for their actions, it is not something many of us feel we can live out. It is admirable and inspirational.

We are beginning a season which finds many people reflecting on things they are grateful for, as they reach out to give to others. Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays that remind us to give thanks. The reality for all Christians is we do not need a holiday to remind us, but are called to live each day as a gift from God and an opportunity to give thanks. Did you give thanks today?

People of inspiration help us to see what is possible. We cannot be Mother Theresa or for that matter Jesus, but Jesus developed leaders to inspire us to see what is possible with faith in Jesus. Much of what Jesus taught the disciples was about generosity. When I see someone around me living out generosity, it inspires me to be generous. We can see generosity as an activity we can live out and all we must do is use our Christian faith and give generously to those in need.

A commitment to Christ reflects six areas of our lives that can inspire us. Prayer, Bible reading, worship, witness, finances and service all reveal a daily commitment to Christ. Hebrews 13:7 reminds us about those who lived inspirational lives. My prayer is that we would be inspired to imitate their faith in Christ. I have been inspired by many of you as we walk together in community revealing passionate prayer lives and dedication to daily Bible reading. We must continue to discover, discuss and do each of the six areas in our commitment to Christ.

The heart of Christian inspiration is generosity. Being generous in all areas of our lives will inspire others to be generous and might just create an opportunity to share our faith.


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